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Monday, April 27, 2015

Handling Stress Among Workers

Salam 1 Malaysia ^_^

Hai U Olls, jarang-jarang pulak Cik Mimie kelihatan dekat blog ni kan? Maaf la yer, minggu ni agak STREEEESSSS sikit..ekekekeke.. So, semalam masa tengah tunggu Emak Cik Mimie di hospital untuk menjalani Fisioterapi. Cik Mimie pun belek-belek lah brochures yang ada di sudut bacaan dalam bilik Fisioterapi tu. Tup..tup mata terpandang la satu brochure ni "Handling Stress Among Workers" hahaha..macam tahu-tahu je Cik Mimie ni tengah Stress di tempat kerja. Apa lagi, ambil dan baca la kan..hehe..So, Cik Mimie nak kongsi apa yang ditulis dalam brochure tu :)

1. Foster social support within the workplace
    - Be friends to your colleagues
    - Share your problems with a trusted person

2. Practice rational and positive thinking
    *Negative or irrational thoughts, beliefs or feeling often lead to misinterpretations. If this occurs:
    -  Do not allow the misinterpretations to affect your feelings and actions
    - Check your facts to see if your interpretation of events is accurate
    - Replace irrational and negative thoughts with ones that are more consistent with the facts.

3. Communication Effectively
    - Be a good listener
    - Communicate in an assertive manner
    - Express your ideas in a clear, direct and firm manner
    - Respect your colleague's opinion
    - Use facts, not judgement

4. Handle criticism well
    * When you are being criticised:
    - Stay relaxed
    - Decide what to believe
    * If the criticism is constructive and accurate, accept and take steps to correct the situation.

5. Learn effective anger management
    * 3 important steps
    - STOP - acknowlegde that you are angry and cool down
    - THINK - organize your thoughts
    - DO - cope with the problem

6. Deal with your problems effectively
    * When you perceive that the situation can be charged, use the IDEAL technique:
    - I   : Identify the problem
    - D : Describe possible options
    - E : Evaluate pros and cons
    - A : Act based on the best possible options
    - L : Learn from the process
    * When you perceive that the situation cannot be changed, learn to deal positively with your emotions by sharing your feelings with trusted ones, say a prayer, etc.

7. Practise good time management
    - Acknowledge that you have only 24 hours a day
    - List your tasks and prioritise them
    - Learn to delegate effectively

8. Practise a healthy lifestyle
    - Exercise regurlarly
    - Eat healthily
    - Do not smoke
    - Make time for leisure and recreation
    - Learn to relax (music, meditation, etc).

Sumber : Brochure KKM

Nanti Cik Mimie share tentang sumber "Source of  work Stress" dan juga "Symptoms of work Stress" pulak ye :)

p/s : Dalam office Cik Mimie berdua je, kalau stress dengan officemate nak mengadu ngan siapa...hukhukhuk..makan hati je la..hahaha :)


  1. Semalam Zumal pun tersangat stress dekat seseorang ^^

  2. Nice sharing akak kena tengok kamus dulu nak tanslate hihihiji

  3. strees ni ada dua cara je sama ada nak pendam atau nak luahkan ...

  4. Thanks 4 sharing!!!
    singgah dan follow mimi, singgah dan follow blog saya juga ye?masih baru lagi dalam dunia blogging :)

  5. Thanks 4 sharing!!!
    singgah dan follow awak, singgah dan follow blog saya juga ye?masih baru lagi dalam dunia blogging :)

  6. Sometimes, we just can't manage the stress anymore. There ,we decide to stop. And rest everything in the hand of Him. :')

  7. tak bagus stress-stress..bawa bertenang la ye.

  8. ohhoo..kalau stress dengan opismate..jom cer ngan kak wana.. ;)

  9. nice sharing.. akak kalau stress boleh main dart dekat dalam bilik opis akak nih..

  10. nice tips. nadya skg pon tersangat sangat sangat stress wooo.. overdose stress ni.kekeke

  11. maceh kongsi tips2 ni.. hehehe..

  12. hehe sebenarnya dalam diri semua orang ada point stress masing2..
    seronok pun stress juga tp stress yg sihat.. kita dok deny kata kita happy
    tapi hakikat sebenar macam mana ? hehehe.. stress yg sihat yuk Cik Mimie..

  13. Akak sentiasa stress kat opis. Tapi tak pernah bawak balik rumah stress tu. Kat rumah adalah masa dengan anak-anak


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